joi, 27 noiembrie 2014

Raw vegan cashew cake

This is a special raw cake, my all family loved it! Hope you like it, and check out the video recipe here:


2 cups walnuts
2,1/2 cups dates
1/2 banilla bean
pinch of salt
1 TBS raw honey

  In a food processor, process walnuts until they are very well blended, so that they look like chunky flour. You should just see little chunky bits of nuts.

Then, add dates, vanilla bean, salt and honey to the food processor and continue blending. You'll probably want to add the ingredients one at a time otherwise your food processor might get all munged up.

 Keep on processing until your mixture looks like a big ball of dough, like you can see in the video. There shouldn't be big chunks of anything. You will probably see small flecks of nuts though. Once you've got a giant raw cake dough ball, the fun begins. The cake is basically done now you just need to figure out the presentation (shape and icing or whatever you want).

Press the dough into the desired shape for whatever you want to make. For example, just take a nice cake plate and press the dough into a cake shape.It will help if you use a perchement paper. Then, spread the cashew iceing



1 cup cashews
3 TBS coconut milk
1 TBS raw honey
- you can add coconut oil or cacao oil if you want the icing to be a little bit more firm.-

Process all in the food processor, and then spread it on the dough. Refrigerate or put it in the freezer for at least 1 hour to allow the cake to firm up.

                            Enjoy the special taste! :)

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